Our History

Durham Pump, Inc.
1952 – 2015
“60 Years of Excellence…”

Durham Pump Inc. is an agricultural irrigation contracting company in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California. It was established in 1952 by Joe Richter. Mr. Richter was a pioneer in developing the use of sprinklers for frost protection in almond orchards, replacing “Smudge Pots” (Diesel fuel burning orchard heaters).

Today Durham Pump, Inc. is owned by a group of local ranchers and businessmen and has a strong reputation as a leader in providing the local agricultural community with highly innovative and water-efficient irrigation systems through its state-of-the-art designs and installation services.

Durham Pump, Inc. continues the tradition started by Joe Richter in 1952 by providing contracting and engineering designs for systems such as Drip Irrigation, Micro Irrigation and Solid Set Irrigation, to name a few. Also, Installation and service for many types of industries including, Agriculture, Commercial and Golf water systems.

In September of 2014, Durham Pump & Irrigation acquired the assets and personnel of William P. Wilson & Sons.  Durham Pump & Irrigation is operating at the same location with the same personnel, serving our same customers.