Drip Irrigation


System installation plays a critical role in your system’s efficiency and performance.  Our team is committed to installing efficient and innovative systems, on time, on budget, and to design specifications.  We are known for our quality workmanship and pride ourselves on providing a first-class Durham Pump installation.

Drip Irrigation

A very efficient and exacting method of irrigation, drip irrigation applies precise amounts of water to specific areas of the growing field. This method provides maximum crop yields and water savings.

Durham Pump offers several types of low-volume irrigation – drip systems, micro spray and misting systems. From greenhouse to row crop applications, these systems use a minimum amount of water yet achieve maximum results because of the precision with which the water is applied to the plant. Drip irrigation, for example, provides water and dissolved nutrients directly to the plant root at a controllable rate.

Subsurface Heavy & Thin Wall (Tape) Drip Irrigation

While maintaining their surface characteristics, heavy and thin wall drip line can be installed underground to protect the integrity of the system and install the lines closer to the root zone.


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