Pump Maintenance Program

The Pump Maintenance Program consists of a multi-point inspection of your Pump equipment including the Starting Panel, Electric/Diesel Motor, and the Pump unit. Whether you have a Well Pump, Submersible Pump or Booster Pump our inspection will assure that your pump is working properly when you need it most. Diagnosing potential problems before a breakdown will prevent unwanted down time and additional costly repairs. Just as the car you drive everyday needs routine maintenance, your Pump system has components that require routine maintenance to provide dependable operation.

Durham Pump offers the following services to evaluate your Water System:

    Evaluation includes a visual inspection of the Starter Panel, Electric Motor, Pump, and related pump system components. Running tests include Amp/Voltage readings and system pressure checks. This basic inspection can be your first line of defense in preventing major problems before they occur.
    This includes the Pump Station Inspection and measures the flow and/or pressure at different rates. This can be used to determine to the overall performance of the pump. Static Water Level and Pumping Water measurements are also taken. This information is important when making changes to the water system and can aid in system design.
    The Pump Efficiency Test is performed by installing a Flow Meter on the discharge of the pump and measuring the volume of flow, draws down in the well, amp load of the motor, and system pressure. This information is documented and entered into a computer to calculate Overall Pumping Plant Efficiency. This test will determine how efficiently water is being produced by the power input to the pump. You may be eligible for rebates from your power provider or other State funded efficiency programs. An efficient Water System can save you money for years to come.
    The Well Test consists of installing one of our many Test Pumps to test the performance of your existing well. During the Well Test we measure well production at different rates of flow, we also measure sand production. This test is beneficial in gathering information imperative to system design. This is the best way to determine to proper size a pump for your well and also if sand filtration is needed. Additional charges may apply if the existing pump needs to be removed to perform well test.

All services listed above include written report for customer.

In addition to the inspection and testing services listed above Durham Pump can also provide the following service the keep your Pump operating at its best and increase service life.

  • Dynamic Balancing: We can perform a Vibration Analysis to pinpoint any potential vibration problem internally with the pump. Dynamic Balancing can greatly increase the life of the Pump and provide smooth quite operation.
  • Well Video Survey: Our down hole video camera can be used to view and record the condition of your well, as well as find problems such as holes in the casing. The Well Video Survey is the best way to gather unknown information regarding your well.
  • Sand Testing: The Sand Production test is an inexpensive test that can be used to determine the volume of sand the well is producing, and to aid in sizing the proper filtration.

Save up to 20% by scheduling multiple pumps to be inspected or tested during the same visit.  Call us today to schedule your Pump Inspection!