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System installation plays a critical role in your system’s efficiency and performance.  Our team is committed to installing efficient and innovative systems, on time, on budget, and to design specifications.  We are known for our quality workmanship and pride ourselves on providing a first-class Durham Pump installation.

Valley is the leader in precision irrigation worldwide with center pivots and linear equipment that set the standard for reliability and durability. For more than 55 years, Valley has developed products based on a vision of combining advanced technology with high functionality to meet growers’ needs.

Today, Valley offers a wide range of products that help meet the demanding needs of precision agriculture, water conservation, and labor savings. We’re dedicated to the rich tradition of leading irrigation solutions – bringing innovative products to market today and well into the future through a well trained and responsive dealer network.

An irrigation method comparison

A comparison of drip and mechanized irrigation will illustrate the advantages center pivots can provide both in initial investment and over years of operation.

Crop Yields:

  • Uniformity of drip systems appear to degrade over time, favoring mechanized.
  • Design of drip systems is critical to good water uniformity.
  • Mechanized systems have an edge where salinity is a problem.


  • Center pivots and linear are less expensive to install on large plots and have higher resale values.
  • Drip systems become more cost-competitive in small fields and irregularly shaped fields.
  • Mechanized may last 30 years vs. 10 to 15 for drip, if properly maintained.
  • On-going maintenance costs for drip are three to five times higher than for mechanized.
  • Operating costs for energy are similar, but mechanized typically requires much less labor.


  • Drip often is favored on tall, permanent crops, especially when the field is not laid out to use mechanized systems.
  • Mechanized systems are preferred in sandy soils, where surface application is necessary for germination.
  • Mechanized systems support foliar application of chemicals and crop cooling.
  • Mechanized systems are preferred where frequent crop rotations are used.

Farm Management:

  • Drip systems are less adaptive and forgiving to poor management practices.
  • Drip is more flexible for some existing infrastructure.

Water Efficiency: 

  • Surface Drip Irrigation has slightly higher efficiency than low-energy precision mechanized application (95 percent vs. 90 percent to 95 percent) in research installations.
  • No known studies yet compare actual on-farm efficiency.

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