Well Services

Well Development

The importance of developing a newly constructed well is to repair the damage done to the formation by the drilling operation and alter the basic physical characteristics of the aquifer near the borehole so that water will flow more freely to the well. On older wells, development can be used to determine and enhance well performance and water quality.

Well Maintenance

As wells age, bacteria, biofilms, and mineral deposits can decrease pumping capacity and/or be detrimental to water quality. Well maintenance, or the cleaning and removal of these contaminates, is a viable alternative to well replacement.

Well Video Surveys

Well Video Surveys are performed in both existing and new wells. A video log is often used to confirm the “as-built” construction of the well and to inspect for damage such as corrosion, casing breaks, holes, splits and other deformities. Surveys are also performed to determine the source of sand or gravel entry and falling production rates.

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