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Our Pump Services

Durham Pump provides service to clients throughout Northern California. Our company is affiliated with numerous associations including the Irrigation Association (IA), California Agriculture Irrigation Association (CAIA), National Groundwater Association (NGA), and the California Groundwater Association (CGA). We are licensed contractors in the State of California and our designers are certified through the Irrigation Association.

In addition to design and installation, Durham Pump utilizes an experienced, professional staff to repair, rebuild and install equipment to ensure our start to finish service. Our two sales & service locations in Durham and Woodland enable us to maintain an extensive inventory of irrigation pipe, replacement parts, hardware and supplies to help keep your systems up & running.


Turbine Pumps, Lift Pumps, Large Submersibles. Our mission is to make sure water is always there, more than enough to meet our customer’s needs, and is provided by the most cost-effective delivery system. Our Agricultural Pump Systems are built on quality and reliability in order to eliminate costly down time. Motor options include electric, diesel, or natural gas.


Durham Pump, Inc. utilizes the latest in water delivery technology to provide reliable and efficient systems to our industrial clients. We install both specified and design-build systems. Our 17- and 28-ton cranes are capable of a wide variety of jobs, including service and installation of pumps in existing buildings.


A pump efficiency test measures various aspects of a pumping plant’s performance. The test provides an account of the overall efficiency of the pumping plant and the cost of operation under the testing condition. Cost sharing programs and repair/retrofit rebates may be available for qualified projects. Determine overall plant efficiencies and potential upgrades and replacements to get the most for your investment.


Our down-hole video camera can be used to view and record the condition of your well, as well as find problems such as holes in the casing. The Well Video Survey is the best way to gather unknown information regarding your well.


The Well Test consists of installing one of our many Test Pumps to test the performance of your existing well. During the Well Test we measure well production at different rates of flow, we also measure sand production. This test is beneficial in gathering information imperative to system design. This is the best way to determine to proper size a pump for your well and also if sand filtration is needed.