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From monitoring to full automation, Durham Pump can make your farm accessible from any location. With capabilities to monitor soil moisture, weather and water use, let us help you make informed decisions about when to properly irrigate your valuable crop. With full automation, we can allow you to turn your system on and off, change valves, and create a repeatable irrigation schedule.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Be confident that water is being applied on time, and evenly to your field by tracking the depth and effectiveness of irrigation events, fertilizer application and rain fall events. With the accuracy and reliability of direct burial soil moisture probes, you will have 24/7 data to help you make the most important irrigation decisions.


Save time and money with automation. From remote start to full irrigation scheduling, we can provide you a turnkey solution for your automation needs. With variable labor costs and PG&E rates, feel safe and secure with full automation on your system.

Weather Monitoring

Weather is something we all care about. The weather and its variability plays a direct role in the success of your farm. With our system, you will have access to ET, growing degree days, frost monitoring with alarms, and disease modeling.

Pump and Well Monitoring

During uncertain times, it is always beneficial to ensure that your water source is safe and healthy. We can provide water level readings in your well, filter pressure, and flow meter readings. All of our equipment is SGMA and SB88 compliant, so feel safe with unlimited data storage and automated reporting of what your water use looks like.

Plant Based Monitoring

We offer dendrometers to help you with your irrigation decisions. Dendrometers are sensors that can measure the growth of plants. Specifically, dendrometers are used to measure the growth of a stem, trunk, branch, roots or fruits over time. Dendometers can provide data over long and short time periods. Over time, dendrometers provide information on the dynamics of plant growth carbon uptake.


Feel confident in your ability to report your personalized information to your team or any agency. With the click of a couple buttons, you can format your data to look the way that is needed, and email or export in Excel, PDF and more. With scheduling you will be able to set a repeatable irrigation schedule, and walk away with confidence.